“It's no longer a problem to reheat, preserve or transport food while still maintaining quality ”

“Reliable technology and learning the processes allow me to ensure a standard of quality with no surprises”


“With vacuum packing or trays, I present my products with high aesthetic quality”

“With the precision and reliability of Distform technology, I can consistently repeat my standard of quality”

Patisserie & Bakery

“MyChef ovens give me the essential precision needed for baking pastries and breads" 

"Even with a fully loaded oven, I get highly uniform results”


“I save money on energy with the MyChef compact oven, and I also make better use of my small kitchen"

"Thanks to its versatility, I get the most flexibility for every moment of the day, from breakfast to quick meals”

Public catering

“Distform technology's performance and precision gives me uniform results in large productions”

“Now it's easy to maintain quality during reheating, preservation, or transport, all the while ensuring food safety”

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Cook&Chill entire process in one single column

COOK&CHILL ENTIRE PROCESS IN ONE SINGLE COLUMN Cook, chill, regenerate and serve Distform´s blast chiller range TekChill includes two new models perfect for stacking with one MyChef oven and one MyChef T oven. Thus, you can install a combi oven and a blast chiller in an extremely small space.