Top 5 essential items of catering equipment


Do you want to set up your own catering company? Are you passionate about the combination of cuisine and events? If you are determined to start your career in this sector, it is likely that one of most frequent questions you ask yourself is what catering equipment you will need to give an excellent service to your guests. In the market there are many options available, but to help you decide without complications, we have made the Top 5 essential items of catering equipment with which you will make your business successful. Do not miss it!  

1.Tables, basic for a good job

First of all, a basic list of catering equipment must include one or more professional work tables among its components. Although you have previously cooked the food in your place, the work tables allow you to give the final touch to your dishes and place in them the necessary utensils during the event. As you know, there are folding tables made of plastic materials that you can take with you because they take up little space. However, in terms of food handling it is recommended that the catering work be made of stainless steel, as they are easier to clean and resistant, making them suitable for the transfers that your company can carry out. 




2. Heated holding trolleys to maintain the dishes temperature

Another question that may arise when thinking about your future catering company is: how do I get my hot dishes to be kept and served at their optimum temperature? The answer is simple: with heated holding trolleys. This equipment is well known among catering professionals for its great usefulness. It has a watertight chamber made of stainless steel and covered with insulating materials, and has wheels and guides inside for the placement of Gastronorm containers or grills.

Once connected to the electric current, the heated holding trolleys distribute the air inside in a constant way, reaching the thermal uniformity in all the foods with temperatures that oscillate from 0º to 90º. In addition they maintain the juiciness of the plates thanks to a humidifying container that, placed on top of the ventilator, distributes the necessary amount of steam in the chamber. 

Do you want to know another of its advantages? The heated holding trolleys preserve the heat inside even four hours after being unplugged. All this translates into real benefits for your company, as they are:  

•  Energy saving

• Profitability in the kitchen

• Possibility to travel with the equipment

• Uniformity and quality in the dishes

This makes them worthy of being among among any top of catering equipment.   

3. Dish rack trolley: order and cleaning

When we talk about the essential equipment that a catering requires, we have to think about an important aspect such as the order and transfer of the dishes during the event. Plates, glasses and cutlery are fragile elements, so they must be placed on a robust support that allows their classification and move them correctly in exterior or interior spaces without difficulty. The dish rack trolleys have guides for the placement of several baskets and resistant wheels.  

The equipment for a catering will be complete with this article because not only helps the staff of the room with the assembly of the table. After the event it is possible to introduce the baskets directly in an industrial dishwasher, which greatly facilitates subsequent cleaning. It is not surprising? 




4. Serving trolley, your greatest ally

Is your goal to provide a large banquet quickly and not miss a detail to the guests? We are sure that this is the case, so as far as catering equipment is concerned, there is an item that will become your greatest ally at this moment: the serving trolley. This simple auxiliary furniture is essential for a catering because with it the staff will be able to move trays, napkins or coffee machines to the tables and to remove the used cutlery and possible wastes.

Its shape, with several shelves and compact wheels, makes them very practical items to travel between the different tables of a celebration hall and can carry large loads on its surface.  

5. Fast food waste receptacle

As in a restaurant kitchen, a waste disposal system is vital in all catering. The fast food waste receptacle is an efficient solution, as it provides a clean image by hiding the bin and includes a ramp so that the waste falls directly inside. In addition, its stainless steel outer appearance provides a hygienic and professional image.  

This is the top 5 essential catering equipment items that will help you transform your idea into a successful and sustainable company. Do you use other equipment that we have not mentioned in this list? Tell us your experience!

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