Benefits of R290 refrigerant in the hospitality industry


At Distform we are aware of the manufacture of hospitality equipment that respects the environment. Therefore, and to offer you cost-effective solutions for your professional kitchen, we have made a great qualitative leap towards energy efficiency by incorporating the R290 refrigerant in the cold elements of our 2020 general catalog preview. Under the name of ECO-POWER, the R290 gas of our drop-in, self-service and buffet Janus cold units offers multiple advantages. Would you like to know all the benefits that having a machinery with R290 refrigerant can bring to your hospitality business? We will reveal them to you in this article.

Why choose R290 refrigerant gas

As you know, in the hospitality industry several refrigeration units are often used to keep food at the ideal temperature until the service and to comply with sanitary regulations.

However, these units have an electrical consumption and require a specific maintenance that can suppose an avoidable expense to the owners of restaurants, bars or cafeterias. Likewise, the refrigerant gases they contain to maintain the proper temperature usually report a high polluting impact. For all these reasons and in order to comply with the F-Gas Regulation, at Distform we have opted for the R290 refrigerant, the most ecological on the market.

The F-Gas Regulation and the hospitality industry

The European Regulation 517/2014 or F-Gas Regulation aims to reduce the emission of gases with a high global warming potential (GWP). Based on 1990 levels, the target is to reduce emissions by 79% in 2030 and by 95% in 2050. In terms of their impact on the hospitality industry, most of the refrigeration equipment that has been in use for some time uses Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) refrigerants such as R-134-A or R-404-A, which favour the greenhouse effect. Given its disappearance from the market in the coming years, it is important to have a suitable substitute: the R290 refrigerant. 




R290 is a natural propane-based gas that has a low environmental impact and low toxicity. In addition, to incorporate it into your refrigeration equipment you do not need to make major changes in their design and structure. Also is free of fees, so investing in it guarantees you long-term savings. All this translates into lower energy consumption since R290 has excellent thermodynamic qualities that favor savings. This applied to the machinery of buffet restaurants or communities that are in operation for a long time, such as showcases, is an obvious improvement.

Equipment maintenance with R290

When it comes to the maintenance required by R290 equipment, you will also find outstanding benefits. In any case, we recommend that you always contact a qualified technical service for its handling, as this refrigerant gas is very flammable. If you detect leaks in your kitchen that come from a R290 device, you must ventilate the room properly and have a fire extinguisher nearby. With these tips in mind, you will enjoy an efficient and environmentally conscious equipment. 

Do you have any questions about why R290 refrigerant is the best choice for the hospitality industry? If so, we briefly detail its main advantages:

• It has a low polluting impact

• Tax-exempt

• Low toxicity

• Ensures efficiency and energy savings

• Facilitates equipment profitability

• Requires easy maintenance

• Complies with European F-Gas Regulation

If you would like to have more about the advantages of incorporating R290 refrigerant in your hospitality machinery, please contact us and we will inform you. We are waiting for you! 

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