The origin of the company and its brands

Distform was founded in 1991 in Lleida with the aim of offering innovative, high-quality and competitively priced products to professionals in the restaurant, hotel and food industry.

In its early days, Distform managed to establish itself and grow by designing, producing and distributing furniture for static preparation and self-service, specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professional kitchens that were in search of functional solutions, attractive design and the highest quality.

The opportunity to develop a solution adapted to the needs of low temperature cooking, a technique used to a great extent by El Celler de Can Roca, led Distform to explore a new line of business. In collaboration with the award-winning chef Joan Roca, the company began designing and developing steam ovens specifically to meet the highest demands of low-temperature cooking.

In 2011, under the new Mychef brand, the company launched the first oven with Tektherm technology on the national and international markets that was capable of cooking at low temperature without the need for a bain-marie, setting a new milestone for professional kitchens. Today, Mychef has become a renowned brand that offers integral solutions for the catering and food industry, including a wide range of ovens, packaging machines, regenerators and chillers.

Today, through its two brands, Distform is well-known for offering professionals in the restaurant, hotel and food industry not only innovative products of the highest quality, but also a fast and flexible service adapted to the needs of its customers.

International aspirations

Distform has clear international aspirations and a drive to expand. Its current factory, opened in 2017, is part of the company’s growth plan, and has a surface area of 12,000m2.  These new facilities use cutting-edge management technologies focused on industry 4.0, reducing manufacturing times and further raising the quality level and traceability of manufactured products to become one of the most advanced factories in the industry.

Continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies

The design and development of our products are founded on the principles of constant improvement and the integration of the most cutting edge technology. Our starting point is to carefully and constantly study the needs of the market, with a clear focus on satisfying the needs of our customers, providing solutions that promote functionality, efficiency, durability and reliability.

Excellence in service, product and delivery

Since its inception, Distform has distinguished itself by its attention to every detail, from the design and manufacture of its products to the delivery to its customers. We therefore pay close attention to each step of the process until we obtain the optimum product, accompanied by the best service and delivery. As part of this commitment, we continue to nurture and cultivate our relationship with all our customers.

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More than 8,000 active references

Thanks to the constantly improving our manufacturing processes, investing in R&D, and building relationships with our clients

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Customizable length

Possibility of customizing tables, countertops, modules and shelves in length. The perfect adaptation for your kitchen

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24-Hours production time

Thanks to our automated production system, high level of efficiency and large stock of products

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