Distribution and exposition of food

All the products necessary for the transport, maintenance, regeneration and display of foods

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  • The full range. Our wide range of built-in elements allows for maximum personalization of the unit to your environment
  • Meeting the most quality standards.
  • Energy efficiency. The design of the drop-in elements allows for high operational performance.
  • Display case with homogeneous temperature inside thanks to the design of the cooling system.
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  • Adaptability. Designed to provide service through central islands or multi-purpose and versatile lines.
  • Maximum personalization You can choose between 7 different colours, between plain and veined. 
  • Energy efficiency. High performance in heating and cooling units thanks to applied engineering.
  • Functionality and appearance. Designed to allow you to present food to your customers in an attractive and ergonomic way.
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More than 7,000 active references

Thanks to the constantly improving our manufacturing processes, investing in R&D, and building relationships with our clients

Customizable length

Possibility of customizing tables, countertops, modules and shelves in length. The perfect adaptation for your kitchen

24-Hours production time

 Thanks to our automated production system, high level of efficiency and large stock of products

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