How to equip your restaurant’s kitchen and make the most of the space?

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Equipping the kitchen of your restaurant is a complex task in which multiple factors must be taken into account. You must choose well the furniture and professional machinery you will need and think about their distribution in the space. These are the working tools of chefs and on which, to a large extent, the success of your business depends, If you have a small kitchen, this can be a complex task. So to help you make the right choice, we recommend some key items to equip your restaurant’s kitchen and make the most of the space, without giving up the essentials. Take note!

Modular furniture, practical equipment

An optimal distribution of the furniture and machinery of a professional kitchen depends to a certain extent on the type of menu and the maximum seating capacity of the restaurant. For example, a Japanese restaurant will not have the same needs as a pizzeria since the latter requires a large space in which to knead and bake.

What would be the best option? It will always be more advantageous to optimise kitchen resources and take advantage of them. Thus, modular furniture compositions are a wise choice, as they easily adapt and combine with each other. Some elements to equip the kitchen of your restaurant that can be of great help to you are:



 • Continuous countertop: these one-piece stainless steel cooktops are an excellent way to make the most of space in small kitchens. When placed on top of modular furniture such as drawers, rubbish bins or shelves, you can use it as a workbench for food preparation. Continuous countertops do not have gaskets, so they make cleaning easier and quicker.

 • Sinks: when it comes to equipping the kitchen of your restaurant, sinks are indispensable elements. How can you make the most of the space they occupy? Place shelves under the sink to place the cleaning products and attach them to a worktop to have everything you need at hand in your everyday life.

 • Sliding doors: are you having trouble opening your kitchen furniture? Something as simple as equipping stainless steel furniture with sliding doors will prevent this incident and will also reduce the chances of your employees stumbling thanks to its horizontal opening. Count on them when equipping the kitchen of your restaurant!



90º chamfered corner unit

The corners of your kitchen are very useful places to place auxiliary machinery or household goods. For this reason, we recommend equipping the kitchen of your restaurant with 90ºC chamfered corner unit, as they have legs and drawers to store all types of products. Another outstanding option are the 90ºC corner countertops, which have straight corners to join two continuous countertops on both sides. You will make every centimetre of your kitchen productive!

Tailor-made kitchen furniture

If none of the above convinces you when it comes to equipping a small kitchen, such as a food truck, there are other solutions that are right for you. The possibility of customizing the length of the furniture of tables, worktops or shelves, allows that there is always a customized solution so that everything fits in your local.



Cabinets and wall-mounted shelving

The last suggestion if you want to equip the kitchen of a restaurant of limited size, is to have cabinets and wall-mounted shelvings. Thanks to these resistant and functional elements you can have at hand and of accessible way your plates, kitchenware, sauces… Can you think of a more useful way to furnish your kitchen?

Remember that these are some of the proposals that we present to you, but there is a wide range of modular furniture and different compositions that can be of great use to you. If you need more information or advice on how to make a composition of modular furniture, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your comments!

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