“It's no longer a problem to reheat, preserve or transport food while still maintaining quality ”

“Reliable technology and learning the processes allow me to ensure a standard of quality with no surprises”


“With vacuum packing or trays, I present my products with high aesthetic quality”

“With the precision and reliability of Distform technology, I can consistently repeat my standard of quality”

Patisserie & Bakery


“With iSensor vacuum packers purchase optimization. Buy what you need in greater volume and vacuum pack it for later use. It’s the smart way to purchase while saving time and money.”

Public catering

“Distform technology's performance and precision gives me uniform results in large productions”

“Now it's easy to maintain quality during reheating, preservation, or transport, all the while ensuring food safety”

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Attractive and ergonomically designed modular furniture to form a versatile and multipurpose line.
Each item has been designed with an eye for detail to enhance the appearance and presentation of the food in the different units and display cabinets. New materials and engineering designs that optimize performance and offer energy savings with both hot and cold uses.