Our Mission

The purpose and mission of Distform is to provide professionals in the restaurant, hotel and food industry with innovative, high-quality and competitively priced products that offer functionality, productivity and good design.

Our Vision

This clear purpose forms the foundation for the company’s vision over the coming year: to become an international leader in the professional kitchen equipment market, helping our customers grow by providing innovation, quality and profitability.

Our Values

We promote a particular culture at Distform in order to make our vision a reality, a culture that we firmly believe in and that identifies us as a company. Our values are embedded in our corporate culture, in the people who make up our team and in everything we do:


Technological development forms the backbone of our company. We welcome the unconventional and embrace innovative technologies and ideas, in a constant search to find new and better ways to add value. Our R&D work helps us to constantly raise the bar we set for ourselves.


Only the best is good enough. We understand and integrate the highest quality standards into everything we do. From the best raw materials and a meticulous production process, to the robustness and reliability of our products and the service we offer our customers, we are fully committed to always providing the highest value and quality.


Our customers are our partners, their success is our success. As with our suppliers, we are committed to finding the best solutions through close collaboration with our customers. We are prepared to overcome conventional barriers to build synergies that drive the growth of distributors, end customers and the market as a whole.


We think about what we say and we do what we say. The transparency and honesty we establish with our employees, customers and suppliers enables us to build lasting relationships based on mutual respect. Our integrity is the foundation on which we build and maintain trust inside and outside the company.


Our employees are the driving force of our company. Their passion, commitment and constant drive to improve help to turn ideas into reality. The diversity of profiles and different experiences drive us forward and enrich our company, with our commitment to the industry and to customer service uniting us in our desire to achieve excellence.


Our sense of responsibility and respect for the planet and people’s health makes us consider the effects of everything we do. From our production lines, to job creation and customer service, in every decision we make, we are committed to acting with a long-term vision for the benefit of our stakeholders, society and the environment.