The latest news from Distform: We are launching our new website!

With the needs of our clients and the sector in general in mind, we wanted to improve the user experience of our website, making it easier for them to search for solutions and content.

The new website includes all of Distforms’ products and models for professional kitchens, all with newer, optimised structuring and navigation that makes it as quick and easy as possible for customers to find what they are looking for.

We want to feel closer to our customers, so we’d also like to offer all the news related to our products and services as well as information concerning the management and activity of the company. In doing so we provide customers with the possibility of keeping up to date with the latest news as conveniently as possible.

The launch of the new corporate website is part of a global brand renewal project with an updated corporate identity. The aims of the new identity being to support the brand in its growth objectives and to transmit the values that make Distform stand out: innovation, quality, commitment, integrity, passion and responsibility.

In the context of a changing world linked to innovation and all things digital, Distform is adapting to market trends and opportunities, promoting the necessary dynamism to adapt to the changes that occur in the environment.

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